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Twelve Years of my-little-auctions.com

For twelve years my-little-auctions.com has offered buyers and sellers the chance to buy and sell for FREE!

As the New Year draws closer we have undertaken to refresh the site and bring more features for our users.

There will now be automatic integrated PayPal use for 'Buy it Now' and 'Auction' sales.

Sellers will just receive a notification that an item not only has been sold but also paid for using PayPal and the money is waiting for you in your PayPal account.

The site will have more advertising and we working on more features to bring to you over the next few months.

Due to the complete modernisation of the site we have to repopulate our database which means that all previous users will have to register again and all autions will need to be listed as new. Please take advantage of the option to list your auctions for 3 to 14 days and use the auto relist feature for unsold items.

For those who have a number of items which they wish to sell as a fixed price we now offer FREE Stores on the site, yet another inovation

In so many ways 2020 way a year that hurt so many financially. We offer all the chance in some small way by using a shop or auctions to start or help rebuild a business here at my-little-auction.com

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