Hello from an Englishman in Ukraine

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Hello from an Englishman in Ukraine

Postby john_in_ukraine » Sat Aug 30, 2014 9:55 pm

In January 2009 I was one of the first eight members of my-little-auctions.com

Yes. I am English, living and working in Ukraine for English Language TV.

If you watch the news you will see it is interesting times in this part of the world.

But it does not stop me enjoying my buying and selling here at my-little-auctions.com

And the great thing has been that the site has kept the promise of being 100% FREE to use.

Hundreds of sales later I very happy to be a founder member of my-little-auctions.com

Looking forward to meeting members old and new here in the forum. :)
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Re: Hello from an Englishman in Ukraine

Postby littleriverphil » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:58 pm

Hi John,
Since you've been a member here for over 200 sales, and one of the founding members, I imagine that you've see this site grow. I'm sure that the new face of the auction pages will help boost our sales. I have listed so few that I harldy see any difference, but it does seem like we now skip a step, a click or two less it seems and my auction is active. But I'm new so maybe not. :)
What type of item do you sell John?
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Re: Hello from an Englishman in Ukraine

Postby john_in_ukraine » Sat Sep 06, 2014 7:25 pm

Hi Phil.

To answer your questions I sell just about anything. I sell many things from Ukraine and the Soviet past as I live and work much of the time here.

I collect British Colonial stamps. Do not buy so many these days as I guess the ones that I do not have are the expensive ones!

I really enjoy walking around the markets and among the junk there are sometimes some interesting things.

I saw somewhere you comment that one of your posts went missing. I am sure one of mine went missing too, or perhaps it was just late and I was so tired I forgot to press submit.

The site has very much grown, There was a time when I think I knew everybody. I know only 60 membres have visited the site so far, but I see, and expect that to rise each day as members who have been transfered activate their accounts with a visit to the site. Also I think the auction count is very low. I know there are quite a few glitches with the site after the migration but each day I visit it just looks better and better.

I have a $40 bid on one item and can see bids on stamp lots, so all looking good at the moment and for the future.

I not have so many interesting stamp items listed at the moment and did post a few links to your items.

That has what has made the site a success. Many members promote their auctions by putting posts with a link in forums and groups. When someone visits the site from one of those links they tend to wonder the site looking at many things from different sellers.

I hope to have a few hundred items showing before the end of the month. The one thing I have learn is the more I have listed. The more sales I get :)
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